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What is Incomo?

"What if you can have a deep, wide blue lake right beside you…"

The name "Incomo" stems from a desire to be in the same space as the
world-renowned Lake Como located in northern Italy.

Without any risks of germ proliferation and over-humidification, Incomo is a healing humidifier that supplies
a sufficient amount of moisture neeed in our everyday lives and features a pleasant design, allowing users
to enjoy elegant interior effects for all four seasons.

What is natural evaporative type?

A phenomenon in which moisture is evaporated and humidification occurs as wet laundry dries /
controls the amount of humidification based on the level of humidity in the surroundings.


Good Neighbors GOODBUY Agreement

The Easiest Way to Share with the World

GOODBUY, a great way to spend, is a campaign that also aims to say GOODBYE to poverty around the world.
Purchasing Incomo, a natural humidifier, simultaneously donates a portion of the sales profit to Good Neighbors, helping children worldwide.
Experience how buying Incomo, a natural humidifier, turns into a donation that moves and touches others.
Under the slogan that reads, “The ultimate goal of a company is to make contributions in the society”, the brand Incomo is taking on social responsibilities in a variety of ways including establishment of 1:1 support relationships between employees and children as well as connections with welfare facilities.
By assigning social values to its brand and products launched, Incomo promises to be a brand that empowers everyone to carry out the art of sharing with others.