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Received the
grand prize of 2014

Registered the Patent
No. 10-1348210!

Received the
gold medal at the Interna-
tional Invention Fair held in


with Good Neighbors

Purchasing Incomo simultaneously donates
a portion of the sales revenue to Good
Neighbors, helping children worldwide.

Germ-free, Safe Humidification Natural Humidifying Air Purifier, Incomo Mini Air Washer Humidifier, Incomo

3 Essential Points for Incomo

  • Natural

    Germ-free, safe
    humidification using
    fine water molecules

  • Air

    Minimizing fine dust
    makes the room
    fresh and clean

  • Lighting

    Nursing lamp and
    mood light used
    all 4 seasons

Why is Incomo's natural humidification

Submicron particle
humidification that is safe and germ-free

Large, visible water particles coming out of an ultrasonic humidifier that contain harmful
substances or germs may be directly discharged to the atmosphere. In contrast, particles
humidified via a germ-free, safe evaporation and submicron particle humidification are
below 0.0005µm in size, smaller than 1µm, a typical size for germs, so it does not emit germs
or harmful substances into the air.

Lightweight Moisture Particles
to Every Corner of the Room~

Heavy water particles from an ultrasonic or heating humidifier sink low
to the ground and do not spread throughout a room while merely making
the surroundings damp. Incomo's lightweight, fine water particles help
humidifying the entire room evenly.

Proper Humidity

In a natural evaporation humidifier,
the amount of evaporation is reduced and,
thus, over-humidification is prevented once
it reaches a proper humidity level.
In other humidification types, however,
humidity continues to increase while the
humidifier operates, resulting in potential
proliferation of house dust mites and fungus.

Incomo's 7 Points
Overcoming Weaknesses of Typical Humidifiers

Simple Cleaning

The water tank can be easily taken
in and out and the interior of the
tank is round-shaped, leading to
simple cleaning.

Complete Blocking of Germs

Its fine water particles and
antibacterial humidification filter

do not let germs discharge into the air,
causing no concerns over germs!

Excellent Humidifying Capabilities

Installation of a humidifying fan enables accelerated humidification.
Reaching a proper humidity level from 30% humidity in just 3 hours!
(Korea Conformity Laboratories)

Air Purification Feature

The amount of fine dust indoors decreases
as it first sticks to Incomo's microfibrous air filter,
and once more to the water in the tank and
the humidification filter!

Lighting Effects

It can be used as a subdued mood light
or nursing lamp
and, even during
seasons in which a humidifier is not
, it turns into a gentle lightstand
once the water tank is removed.

Eco-friendly, Low-power Design

Incomo's typical power consumption is only about 2.5W,
which leads to just 100 KRW in monthly electricity payments
even if it is used 24/7, making it extremeley economical and

Incomo Antibacterial Moisture Filter

Simple way to install the filter and excellent antibaterial,
antifungal capabilities. Thanks to its natural
humidification method, germs or other harmful
substances in the water do not fly into the air so
it does not need to be cleansed. If cleaning is needed
due to, for instance, dust, wash it with running water.
The recommended usage period is between
3 to 6 months.

If the filter is cleansed too frequently,
it may shorten the lifespan of the filter.

Interior Effects
from Neat Designs

Incomo fits in anywhere around the room.

White LH-1301W

Black LH-1301B

Rated power consumption : 2.5W
Color : White, Black
Water tank capacity : 1.5L
Allowable area of humidification : 23.14 - 26.44 m2
Dimensions : 20cm x 20cm x 19.6cm
Material : ABS.PC
Rated voltage : AC 110 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 0.5A
Rated output : 12V 1A

Made in / Manufactuered by : Korea /
LoenTech Co., Ltd.
After-sales Service : Free service up to 1 year
Customer Center
Safety certification number : HU10518-11011

  • Humidification Fan

    Use of a low-noise
    humidification fan
    aids evaporation
    of water vapors.

  • Humidification Fan Timer

    2 hrs / 4 hrs /
    Continuous modes
    Time can be controlled
    via 3 modes.

  • Humidification Fan Touch Sensor

    A simple touch operates
    the humidification fan.

  • Mood Light Touch Sensor

    A simple touch
    operates the mood light.

  • Antibacterial
    Humidification Filter

    Use of an antibacterial
    filter inhibits proliferation
    of germs and enables
    simple replacement.

  • Humidificaiton
    Water Tank

    Ease of separation from
    the main body and
    convenient cleaning with
    as a round-shaped design

  • Main Body

    The main body can be
    separated from the
    humidification water
    tank and may serve
    as a mood light by itself.

  • Air Outlet

    Installing a humidi-
    fication fan at the air
    outlet allows light
    water particles to
    travel even farther.

Components included in Incomo


Inside the Box
Incomo Product
+ Power Adapter
+ 1 Special Antibacterial Filter
+ User Manual

are included.

Various Features and Simple Ways to Use Incomo

  • Install on a level surface

    If installed on a slope,
    water may leak from
    the water tank.

  • Humidification fan/mood light features

    The humidification fan touch
    sensor feature is used for
    effective humidification. Also,
    even under the weather that
    does not require the use of a
    humidifier, it can be utilized
    as a 4-season lightstand.

  • Install filter

    After taking out the water
    tank, set up the filter inside
    the tank as shown in the

  • Refill water

    Pour up to 1.5L of water into
    the tank, with the filter installed.
    The filter must be sufficiently
    wet in order for you to enjoy
    effective humidification effects.

  • Connect power plug

    After checking the operating
    voltage, connect the power
    plug to an electrical outlet.

  • Take water tank in and out

    Properly put the filter-installed
    water tank into the humidifier's
    main body

Safety Cautions when Using Incomo

  • Refill water regularly

    If the filter is dry due to lack of water in the tank,
    it will not produce sufficient humidification effects.

  • Use clean water below 30°C

    Doing so reduces the likelihood of damaging the filter,
    enabling to use it for a long time.

  • Do not pour in substances other than water
    into the humidifier's water tank

    Substances other than water will damage the filter.

  • Do not place the humidifier in a close reach of
    an electric heater or a hot-air blower

    It may lead to fire, product malfunctions, and deformed or damaged filter or product.

  • Not effective in a wide open space

    As a natural evaporation humidifier, it will produce the best humidification effects
    in a space with the area of about 23 - 26 m2.

  • Do not use, a) at voltages other than 200V and
    b) when the power cord or plug is damaged.

    It may cause fire and/or electric shocks.

  • If unused for a long period of time, clean the water tank and filter
    before placing it in storage.

    Cleanse it in running water and let it dry completely in a shaded area before placing it in storage.
    If the filter is wet or the tank contains water for a long time, it may lead to bad smell and/or
    technical malfunctions.

  • Install on a level surface.

    Since it is not a fully closed-type water tank, water may flow if not set up on a flat ground,
    resulting in electric shocks and/or malfunctions.

  • Prevent children from touching the filter or putting it near their mouths.

    Leaving children around filters, which have been used for an extended period of time,
    places them at the risk of diseases and other health issues.